RouteGen for Airlines

Designed to meet all types of airlines’ unique needs, RouteGen empowers efficient operations and maximises success with its versatile support for diverse aircraft and cost bases.

The airline industry faces ongoing profitability challenges due to passenger growth, rising labour and fuel prices, and geopolitical uncertainties. To address these issues, airline leaders must make intelligent decisions based on a clear understanding of profitability drivers. Access to timely and easily accessible information for real-time analysis is crucial for guiding critical business decisions.

RouteGen, a user-friendly self-service platform, empowers airlines to quickly and effectively manage Route Profitability. By significantly reducing the time required to gain valuable insights, RouteGen enables airlines to improve cost efficiency, eliminate unprofitable routes, and optimise aircraft operating costs to meet demand. Unlock the data you need with RouteGen.

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Undertaking business can be inherently complex. We deliver complex driver-based performance management systems in 90 days. Transform your reporting, forecasting, and planning processes.

Discover how we provide a seamless experience tailored to your needs and deliver exceptional results. Improve industry competitiveness with our line of expertise.

Benefits of RouteGen for Airlines


Boost your business growth using our stellar enterprise planning software. Streamline planning processes and achieve better outcomes with ease.

Features of RouteGen for Airlines


Real-time Aviation Intelligence

You can easily compare costs and revenue between routes, conduct route scenario planning, match capacity to demand, and run multiple ‘what-if’ scenarios.


Simple and Accurate Forecasting

By removing complexity and labour from forecasting, you can identify the breakeven costs of flights and make better operational decisions.


Cutting-edge Technology

The system offers user-friendly and dynamic dashboards, real-time alerts, rapid drill-down capability and analysis. It is built on the Workday Adaptive Insights platform and utilises the Domo BI toolset.

E-commerce solutions


You can select the dimensions to include in your reports with complete flexibility. Analyse the data vertically and horizontally, tailoring your views to meet your needs. Enjoy customisable and user-defined reporting views.

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