Multi-Company Consolidation

Discover powerful solutions that facilitate seamlessly integrating various systems across your subsidiary companies while streamlining workflows.

multi-company consolidation

A Unified Company Accounting System

that Provides Real-Time Visibility at the Local, Regional and Headquarters Levels

Multi-company consolidation software’s capability to consolidate financial data and reporting across multiple subsidiary entities. This feature is particularly valuable for companies with complex organisational structures, where multiple subsidiaries operate independently but must be consolidated for financial reporting. Here’s how our solutions enable multi-company consolidation:

In multi-company scenarios, inter-company transactions and balances must be eliminated to avoid double counting or distorting financial statements. Our solutions help to automate inter-company eliminations, allowing for accurate consolidation of financial data. With a powerful reporting capabilities, users can generate consolidated balance sheets, income, and cash flow statements, providing a comprehensive view of the organisation’s financial performance.

Cloud Financial Management for Multi-Company Consolidation

We offer cloud financial management solutions that can be adjusted for currency, language, taxation, and legal compliance differences to suit the country you are operating. Our solutions also provide you with multi-company consolidation in real time by bringing together and integrating your order management, inventory, CRM systems, and a whole host of other applications, cutting across all your subsidiaries.

multi-company consolidation
multi-company consolidation

Unprecedented, Real-Time Visibility

Companies with subsidiaries require enhanced visibility of their business components to make strategic decisions and streamline operations in a rapidly changing business landscape. Shearwater Korea’s cloud solutions integrate various systems across subsidiaries, providing a consolidated and up-to-date 360-degree view of your business. This comprehensive real-time perspective optimises operations and unlocks valuable business insights for growth.

Access From Anywhere, Anytime

Shearwater Korea offers solutions that enable executives to conveniently monitor their business operations remotely, including from their mobile devices and homes. Discover the advantages of mobile project management for project-based businesses. Stay up-to-date with project progress from your mobile device.

multi-company consolidation
multi-company consolidation

Eliminate Costly Expenditure On In-House IT Personnel

Running a business in the digital age brings the advantage of reduced IT expenses, particularly for companies with subsidiaries. The high costs of hiring in-house IT personnel to manage subsidiary operations systems can be significant. Our solutions provide access to highly skilled IT consultants who will handle your IT complexities, allowing you to concentrate on core business activities.


Our cloud-based ERP solution allows businesses to automate essential financial processes and access vital insights crucial for making strategic decisions.

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