Information Technology

For IT teams in an age of multiple different solutions in an organisation, the job of streamlining processes is on its own already one that is daunting. Add having to respond to every ticket raised to the list and IT can often become overburdened with too many tasks, most of which can be automated. Integrate your IT incident reporting solutions such as PagerDuty with solutions such as ServiceNow and enable the automation of issue detections which would allow you to respond in a timely manner.

IT Systems

Workato Features for IT

IT Systems

Incident Management

Detect problems quickly and initiate the incident process by bringing together your primary solutions such as New Relic and PagerDuty and integrating them with your incident management tools such as ServiceNow and Jira. This way you will be able to reduce resolution time and further ease the process by escalating tickets through integration of the solutions mentioned above with workplace collaboration tools such as Slack and Slackbot.

IT Systems

End-User Support

The IT department, alongside human resources is also responsible for the provisioning of equipment to staff. Thus, they also play an important role during the onboarding and offboarding processes of employees. By integrating your IT solutions with HR solutions such as Workday, the latter can gain approval and sign off on documents through simple prompts through integrations on chat solutions such as Slack and Slackbot.

Workato Benefits for IT

Faster incidents resolution times
Information Technology (IT)
Quicker fulfilment of bureaucratic procedures
Information Technology (IT)
Play a proactive role in problem detection

IT Integration and Automation

Do everything in one place

Customise your IT solutions integration

Integrate IT systems and eliminate manual processes with Workato’s IT solutions integration.

Workato provides integration for over 1000 apps

Instantly connect your IT systems with thousands of applications – cutting across various departments.

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