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Lead Management

Lead Management and Routing

The task of generating and tracking the sales pipeline is one that is long and arduous. Merely establishing a lead, does not necessarily mean your job is complete. Much of the workflow is tedious. Workato alleviates some of these burdens by helping you to integrate your Microsoft Dynamics solution with other applications such as Clearbit, and Zoominfo.

Automate Order-to-Cash Process

Automate Order-to-Cash Process

Workato provides integrations for Microsoft Dynamics with any solutions with an API. With this, you can, for instance, sync your ERP with your CRM and have an accurate order-to-cash process, in addition to saving time. This also ensures your data matches across platforms, and facilitates the swift return of revenue to your business.

Improve Customer Lifetime

Improve Customer Lifetime

Workato’s integration solution helps you flag up customers who are at risk of churning. By providing integration and customisation for Microsoft Dynamics with tools such as Snowflake and Slack, your customer success team can swiftly respond to clients who are at risk of churning.

Escalate Client Issues

Escalate Client Issues

Synchronise your Microsoft Dynamics CRM with Jira and Zendesk to get a clearer picture of your customers and swiftly resolve issues. You can also create tickets in Jira or Github to include important customer details from Microsoft Dynamics CRM. This will help with problem resolution time.

Workato benefits for Microsoft Dynamics

Multi-channel campaigns
Run multi-channel campaigns
Microsoft Dynamics CRM Integration
Increase response time to client issues
Financial Data
Critical financial data is readily available
Microsoft Dynamics CRM Integration
Empower your customer success team

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Integration

Do everything in one place

Customise your Microsoft Dynamics CRM integration

Give your business the extra edge and enable automation with Workato’s Microsoft Dynamics integration.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Integration tersedia untuk lebih dari 1000 aplikasi

Instantly connect Microsoft Dynamics with thousands of applications – cutting across various departments including sales, marketing, finance and many more – using Workato.

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