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The Workato integration for Slack expedites the completion of bureaucratic processes requiring superiors’ approval. Consider this scenario: an HR manager needs approval from higher-ups. Using Workato’s bots, you can notify Slack about the approval process from HR software like Workday


Features of Workato’s Slack Integration

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Simplify Approval Process

Workato enables integrations of Slack with many business applications, including cloud ERPs like Oracle NetSuite, CRMs and others. Once integrated, the deal desk bot sends Slack prompts to approvers for order processing decisions. This wipes out approval reversions and speeds up order booking & processing.

Slack App

Find Things You Need Fast

Workato’s Knowledge Bot responds and addresses users’ inquiries at full speed. Integrating Slack with it expedites the search process. When the process escalates, Slack integrates with apps like Jira or ZenDesk for users to request support tickets. Further, questions and answers are made searchable by other users.

Slack App

Increase Lead Response Time

Often, a B2B company requires help in qualifying leads from multiple data sources. Workato facilitates the integration of disparate systems to send only qualified leads to the sales representative. Instead of wasting time keying in customers’ information by hand, you can maximise productivity and weed out unqualified leads.

Benefits of Integrating Your Slack App Using Workato

Slack App
Improve order booking and processing times
Slack App
Automate order-to-cash process
Slack App
Once place for all approvals
Respond to actionable insights
Credible and quality leads

Slack App Integration

Do everything in one place

Customise your Slack integration with other apps

Integrate Slack and eliminate manual processes using Workato

Workato provides integration for over 1000 apps

Instantly connect your systems with thousands of applications – cutting across various departments

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