Integrate your different financial solutions and automate key processes and meet regulatory requirements and adhere to financial reporting standards by using Workato.


Workato Features for Finance

Workato for Finance


Your most vital, revenue generating business processes such as configuration, pricing and quoting, contracts, invoicing, billing, orders, revenue recognition, and renewals can all be automated through Workato integrations. Workato integrations for finance cover various solutions including Salesforce, Zuora, Oracle NetSuite, and Stripe.


AP & Procurement

Automate the accounts payable and procurement processes by integrating a wide range of solutions that include ADP, Gusto, Oracle NetSuit,, DocuSign and Stripe among others. You can then set in motion procurement requests for new inventory or assets while recording payments status and history.

Workato for Finance


A small mistake caused by the manual entry of data can sometimes lead to hefty punishments in the form of fines by regulatory authorities. Avoid this by integrating different key systems such as Oracle NetSuite, and SAP with Stripe,, ADP and much more.

Workato for Finance

Financial Reporting

Report your finances in a punctual, accurate and orderly manner by integrating and automating the workflows associated with financial reporting. Avoid duplications that can arise from having data from disparate sources, and reap the benefits of operational efficiencies.

Workato Benefits for Finance

Reduce errors
Workato for Finance
Improve efficiency
Workato for Finance
Increase collaboration
Workato for Finance
Reduce costs and increase profits
Workato for Finance
Remove barriers to growth

Finance Integration and Automation

Do everything in one place

Customise your finance solutions integration

Integrate finance systems and eliminate manual processes with Workato’s finance solutions integration.

Workato provides integration for over 1000 apps

Instantly connect your Finance systems with thousands of applications – cutting across various departments.

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